2011 CONCERT: Beeston Big Band - Photos

A large part of the work of Sherwood United Reformed Church is devoted to supporting Christian Aid. Christian Aid is a charity that was set up and run by the churches in England. It is our overseas Charity. That is one reason we support it.

We also support it because Jesus taught is to see him in other people, and especially in the poor and unfortunate people of the world, inviting us to feed them and care for them as if we were feeding and caring for Jesus directly.

This concert was part of our work as a church, one way in which we could join in the work of  Christian Aid: “Helping People To Improve Their Own Lives, Whatever Their Religion”.
Our evening began with an introduction to the churches work and this year's Christian Aid week film was shown in which we saw the support given to the people of Nicaragua. Working through through partner agency Soppexcca, Christian Aid helps poor coffee  farmers in Nicaragua to produce and process good-quality coffee and  then market it nationally and internationally.

By working together in  cooperatives, communities gain the confidence to take charge of their  own lives, and decide what kind of support they need to help  themselves. It helps them to negotiate a fair price for their product; and more than  that, it enables them to make real improvements in the life of their
communities. This support has enabled them to overcome  all the odds, and believe that a better life is possible. 

Thanks to the generosity of the Band, whose members took no fee and no expenses, we added £320.00 to the amounts raised in our Christian Aid Week house to house collecting. This means that we raised over £1000.00 for Christian aid week in just a couple of weeks.

The Band on stage