On Sunday 12th June
- Pentecost Sunday
- we had a party!

We brought our sandwiches,
so that after morning worship we could have a picnic and enjoy some family games.

It was a shame that the rain came down
otherwise we could have had the picnic in the Secret Garden!
We settled for the Hall! The adults stayed there and did a pentecost quiz.

If they has really been listening in the service they would all have got 10 out of 10 - but it was fun anyway! We watched an episode of SuperTed, part of which was shown in the service - the theme was "Jesus is our superhero and he gives away his super powers through the Holy Spirit"

Then we joined the youngsters and the young at heart in the back hall
- some joined in the games (Jenga, giant snakes and ladders, table tennis),
some sat and chatted. It was great to see several folk from Chill Out join us.