2012 Sherwood & Carrington Good Friday Walk of Witness

Photographs from the annual
Good Friday Walk of Witness.

Walking past "The Chestnut Tree"

As you can see, members of the United Reformed Church joined others from St Martin's CofE, Sherwood Methodist Church and St John's CofE for the annual Good Friday Walk of Witness.

It was a cold and breezy day, but 38 adults and a handfull of children gathered for the walk.

The walk consisted of several 'stations' each consisting of sentences, a reading from the gospel story and prayers.

We gathered as usual inside the church of St Martin before walking on the the various stations.
The first station outside St Martins
2: Outside the Coop
3: Outside The U.R.C.
Crossing over to Wilkinsons
4. The traffic seemd to be a bit less noisy this year - or perhaps I could hear becuse I was standing next to the reader.
The Children loved to 'help' carry the cross
5 At the Library. Could not hear a thing - It is a good job the booklets contain all the words!
6 Outside the Methodist Church.
7 In the gronds at St Johns
8 The final station,
before going in for a warm
and a propper Coffee!