Talking on the Way: Discussion

Vision 4 Life - BibleTalking on the Way 2011

Join us for a new series of fortnightly meetings
where we read and talk about the book on which our faith is based
- the Bible!

Starts Tuesday 18th January at 2.00pm;
and     Thursday 20th at 7.30pm (to be confirmed)

We have read through 'Mark's Gospel' (in four sittings!)
Now we will probably read through 'Acts'.

Once we have chosen which part of the Bible to follow,
we read through it as 'a story',
taking in perhaps three or four chapters at a time.

As we read we ask
What is it?   Why is it like it is?   How was it written?   How is it the 'word of God'?
. . . . and any other questions the Spirit may lead us to ask!