Light Refreshment

Time to meet and greet,
and get to know new people,
and a bit more about people we have known for a while.

Everyone is welcome!

Each month we have a speaker or a theme.

If we have a speaker, it is quite 'often one of us'
sharing something about our life
- an interesting holiday, how we got our job, or whatever.

When it is a 'theme' everyone is invited to bring a contribution.

This years program is

    Who Theme
Jan 23 David Looking forward - Looking back
Feb 27 Oksana History of Rag Rugs
Mar 27 B Hayes Suffragettes
Apr 24 Heather National Police Aid Convoy
May 22 Bev Artist in Stain glass
Jun 26 Alan Wales/Canada
July 24 Mary Chocolate Cake
Aug ----    
Sep 25 Doreen Holiday
Oct 23 Tricia A look back at Woolworths
Nov 27 everyone! Christmas Reflections
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Repeats every month on January, February, March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November on the fourth Wednesday until Sun Dec 01 2019.
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