2017 Good Friday Walk of Witness

Outside the old Co-op / Budgen's

The 2017 Good Friday Walk of Witness saw another good turnout of people wishing to witness to the events of Good Friday.

Our route was the same as last year apart from the stop which used to be in the corner of the Car Park of the Large Co-op. Since last year it was taken over by Budgen's but has since closed. So we met at the end of the passageway next to Lloyds Chemist. I thought this worked better than in the Car Park.

We do this walk every year, with the liturgy changing slightly each time. It is one of the few things we do as Churches Together, but we often wonder how effective it is as an act of witness. So I was pleased to notice that we were acknowledge and supported by several car and vans sounding their horns and waving as they passed by. I can not remember that happening before. At least someone noticed us!