Chill Out

"Chill Out" is a drop in play session for pre-school children and their carers.
We open every Thursday between 11.00am and 12.45pm
during term time only (closed at half term).

Free admission.

We have a range of toys - Trikes, Dolls & Prams, Cars & Trains, to play with and Books to read together.

We offer simple, reasonably priced food and drink

  • Sandwiches (2 rounds of bread) at 50p
      e.g.  Tuna Mayo, Dairylea, Cheese & Chive Spread, Marmite, Raspberry Jam
  • Toast with butter 30p slice, with topping 50p open or 70p closed
  • Soup 50p / 30p small portion
  • Tea / Coffee 50p, Squash 10p


Chill Out Carers & Tots